SOURCE Expo + London Times

Such an amazing experience!

It started off with lost luggage, but we got the good opportunity to truly live the ULTRA 10 in one and a half outfits for four days. :)

At the SOURCE Expo we got the chance to meet some of the true leaders of the ethical fashion industry, Ethical Fashion Consultancy’s Founder Tamsin Lejeune, Benita and Summer Rayne of Source 4 Style, the Offset Warehouse team and so many more. We also got the chance to not only meet these leaders but sit alongside them as part of the seminar series. And just as exciting, there were SO many students there researching the possibilities of sustainable fashion. Really inspiring to see such a legion of students from major fashion institutions really getting into thinking about how to redesign fashion for the future.

But the SOURCE Expo was not all that filled our London time, we were sure to give ourselves a little time to get into the beautiful city itself. Such a surprising city it was a real stroke of luck to be there during the Frieze, Sluice and Moniker art fairs – which we got the time to hit two out of three. There was a particular piece by Richard Paul, who simply displayed vintage style photography on 3D monitors that set a good tone.

Then there was the ‘Power of Making‘ exhibit at the V&A. Right up our alley. All about innovation in the ‘maker’ sphere there was 3D printing, robotics, embroidered QR codes and all sorts of greatness that we’ve only managed to catch on our Google Reader adventures. Check it out online here. At this exhibit the pieces that really stood out were Peter Butcher’s embroidered implants, Oliver Herring’s photo sculptures, Mike Sheldrake’s open source surfboard, the Penki app by BERG, Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson and Michelle Wibowo’s baby cake.

And then there’s the pig. This lady really made the trip – or maybe the whole experience that surrounded her. Hackney City Farm. Never have I seen such a farm or collection of joyful animals right in the middle of the city. Pigs lazed, chickens scuttled around, donkeys dozed and I walked amongst it all. The rough and wholesome breakfast served at the farm cafe also served to complete the experience. Run as a private, charitable foundation the farm serves as a community eduction project on farming and crafts, and as a space to simply give the community the farming experience.

Thanks for a great time London!

More photos on our Flickr.

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