Winner of the Ethical Fashion Forum INNOVATION Award ’11
- Judged by VOGUE Editors and International Ethical Fashion Leaders

A ten piece wardrobe for 365 days.

The ULTRA 10 is made of modular and multifunctional pieces that include a 4-in-1 Coat/Dress/Jacket/Skirt and a 2-in-1 Jacket/Vest.

We created it in a response to the overconsumption that is too often associated with fashion.

Made of recycled and natural-blend materials, you may return the ULTRA 10 at the end of each year for upcycling – and in return receive a fresh supply at discounted rates.

The ULTRA 10 launched at China’s first major fashion swap meet hosted by LOHAS. Here, Amena of The Wellness Works donated a large chunk of her wardrobe to spend 2011 in the ULTRA 10. See photos of her journey on the ULTRA 10 Flickr.

It has since been featured in international exhibitions on fashion innovation, and tours the UK education system as part of Ellen MacArthur‘s ‘Circular Economy‘ handling collection.

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